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2019-07-25 19:12:00 来源: 世界青年科学家峰会秘书处

On July 25, the second Sino-Nordic “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Closed-Door Conference was held in Shanghai. Deputy Inspector of the Provincial Association of Science and Technology and Minister of the Ministry of Education Dai Li was invited to attend.

At the conference, Dai Li talked about the planning and preparation behind the World Young Scientist Summit, focusing on the background, theme, mission, goals, and visions of the summit. He proposed opening a Nordic summit during the event and strengthening collaboration on the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. He also invited Nordic institutions stationed in China and relevant institutions in Shanghai that are in attendance to attend the summit. The invitation was warmly received by the likes of Shi Zitian, deputy consul general of the Swedish Consulate General in Shanghai, and Ding Huanhuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Yangpu District Party Committee and deputy head of Shanghai.

All organizations present agreed to support the summit and send representatives to invite relevant universities and companies to attend. They also look forward to establishing long-term exchanges and collaborations with the summit to build a community of shared growth between Chinese and Nordic young scientists and call on young scientists from both sides to come up with ideas that would improve the world.

The Sino-Nordic “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Closed-Door Conference was organized by the Nordic Innovation Center and focused on discussing deep exchange and cooperation between China and Nordic countries on tech innovation and sustainable development. The conference was attended by nearly 20 Nordic representatives from institutions including the Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai, Consulate General of Norway in Shanghai, Danish Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, Invest in Finland, and Finland-China Investment & Trading Promotion Association to talk with 20 Chinese representatives from organizations like the China “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee, Overseas Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Committee, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Yangpu District Government, Fudan University Nordic Center, and the Zhejiang Association of Science and Technology. Chinese Academy of Engineering academician and Tongji University professor Guo Chongqing, as well as Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences academician and Swedish Chalmers University of Technology professor Liu Jianying were both invited to attend the closed-door meeting. The two proposed suggestions on strengthening Sino-Nordic cooperation on matters like manufacturing transformation and upgrade, industrial design, and non-governmental technology exchange.

After the closed door meetings, the representatives also attended the Sino-Nordic “Internet+” University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Sino-Nordic “Internet+” University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum. The Provincial Center of International Non-Governtal Technology Exchange and Wenzhou Association of Science and Technology also sent representatives to attend the aforementioned events.


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On July 25, the second Sino-Nordic “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Closed-Door Conference was held in Shanghai.